Utopian Dreams

My wife’s niece is moving to a new school and there was a lot of moving around that we did that day. After an 8 hour slog I was tired, hungry and thirsty. It was late in the night and I was driving around in circles looking for a great place to eat.

Instead of finding ‘A restaurant’ what i found was a street  full of night time goodies.

Hangzhou street food - night market


I parked my car and gazed on, half hungry and half tired. We walked on through some large gates to enter the market. The gates were a typical Chinese make but with a hint of southern song dynasty architecture. Architecture in China is one of the most interesting things to see. It changes with place and ruling Dynasty. The street was heavy with the smell of barbecued meat. The steel wok’s danced on high pressure burners, while the fresh fish, pork and veggies jumped about in the wok in an attempt to catch the air.

We settled down by a table and ordered Beef stomach, some sauteed vegetables and large bowl of spicy soup and noodles.

All around me sat people. As I watched them gorging sumptuous quantities of food and washing it down with crisp Chinese beer, I began to wonder how different are these people from me. The more I thought the more realized that there is actually no distinction. We are all the same. Everybody from the species ‘Homo Sapiens’ is the same. There is no greatest Nation. There is only us.

A Utopian dream, but still viable, right? A few may have to give up some luxuries so that many can eat a decent meal.



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